An Ad-free Experience to keep you focused on improving your search engine optimization.

Tag Generator

Gain access to intuitive filters that improve your tag generating experience. These allow you to both blacklist and whitelist certain words and slightly modify the accuracy filter to receive higher quality keywords at the cost of a little time.

Tag Analyzer

With Rapidtags Plus, you can search for keywords and analyze their data based on various time periods. Choose between the past week, past month, past 6 months and the past year, instead of the default setting (Past Month).

Search Ranker

There are currently no extra features for the Rapidtags search ranker. We will be adding extra features over the upcoming months.

Video Remonetizer

There are currently no extra features for the Rapidtags video remonetizer. However, we are developing a system to analyze your video's audio to look for signs of demonetization


The Autolinker is a Rapidtags Plus exclusive tool.

Automatically generated short links that are tracked, providing you with statistics showcasing how well the links performed. These work perfectly alongside the campaigns tool.

Two generated short links are available by default. These directing to the most recent video and a mystery video from your YouTube channel, or if preferred, you could manually generate a custom link.

Upload Planner

The Rapidtags Upload Planner provides information about the best time and day to upload your YouTube content. This is based on the title that you enter and your active audience.

Description Analyzer

Easily view and analyze how SEO effective your YouTube video description is and receive advice on what you can do to improve it.

Description Campaigns

Bulk update 50 of your most recent YouTube video descriptions quickly and efficiently, providing you access to the prime real estate. This works perfectly alongside the Autolinker.

Once the campaign is live, in conjunction with the Rapidtags Autolinker, you can analyze the performance of that campaign. This tool is useful if you are looking to drive traffic towards new content, social ventures and influencer marketing.



As our main payment method, we accept PayPal transactions which is available from over 200 countries. This provides you with full control of your ongoing subscription via their application.


We also offer the ability to use Stripe, a popular application that allows you to pay with your credit or debit card. This payment method is a great alternative for those of you that are ineligible for PayPal.


How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your Rapidtags Plus subscription or prevent it from renewing, you must visit your Payment method (PayPal or Stripe) and follow their cancellation process. Furthermore, you can open a support ticket and we will cancel it for you.

Do I have to pay monthly?

No, Rapidtags Plus is not limited to a monthly subscription. You also have the option to choose a yearly membership at a massive discount.

Can I get a refund?

Refunds on your Rapidtags Plus subscription are limited, however, in some instances are available if you fit the criteria. For more information, visit our Terms & Conditions.

I have found a bug! What do I do?

If you find a bug, feel free to contact us either via our Twitter direct messages or by opening a ticket through the support section in your account.