How to Use the Rapidtags Video Ranker

Rapidtags, YouTube
8th July 2018

The Rapidtags Search Ranker was created for the purpose of being able to track your video rankings easily without having to search through hundreds of terms.

Rapidtags uses something we call a ‘Neutral’ search which means there’s no influence on other factors such as your age, search history, location or language. Giving you a more general and more accurate ranking results. This could also be the reason why you see different rankings when you perform a search on YouTube (The rank may appear higher or lower than what we told you).

How to use:

To use the Search Ranker visit our Search Ranker tool page, then enter the video URL that you would like to find the YouTube rankings for. Rapidtags will scan hundreds of different search terms in a matter of seconds to find out if your video ranks for any of your tags or similar keywords and titles.

The search ranker will then return which keywords and titles your video has ranked for and which position they ranked in.

Rapidtags Plus:

There are no current benefits to being a Rapidtags Plus user for the Search Ranker. We will be introducing rank tracking over time which means you can see how your video rankings change and improving.

Along with this we will be introducing a tool that works alongside the search ranker to automatically change tags in your description to rank your video higher overtime by tracking keyword performance.

We are always looking to upgrade and improve the Rapidtags Video Ranker for both free and paying users, so if you have any ideas on how we can improve your experience, send us a direct message on Twitter!