How to Use the Rapidtags Autolinker

Rapidtags, YouTube
8th July 2018

The Rapidtags Autolinker is a Premium tool for Rapidtags Plus subscribers that is intuitive and has its own quirks. This tool automatically generates two unique short links. One link will take you to the most recent video on your YouTube channel, and the other will link to a random video within your past 50 videos. You can also create a custom link that can be used to take your audience anywhere you want.

These links are cross-channel compatible and are tracked so you can view how many clicks they have been received and where those clicks are located.

How to use:

The Rapidtags Autolinker a simple tool to use, firstly, make sure you have at least one YouTube channel connected to your Rapidtags Plus account, this will then automatically generate the links for you. Once on the tool page, you will find the two short links on the side where you can either modify the URL identification or copy it to your clipboard. In the same section, you can create a custom link, which requires a website URL, a name and gives you the ability to change the short link.

All of the available statistics will be showcased in a separate panel where clicks and locations can be seen.

We are always looking to upgrade and improve the Rapidtags Autolinker for paying users, so if you have any ideas on how we can improve your experience, send us a direct message on Twitter!