How to Use the Rapidtags Upload Planner

Rapidtags, YouTube
8th July 2018

The Rapidtags Upload Planner is a Rapidtags Plus tool to help you plan the best time and day to upload your video. Once youíve linked your YouTube channel to Rapidtags, weíll gather all the data needed to understand your audience.

How to use:

To use this tool you need to visit the Upload Planner tool page on Rapidtags and enter the title for your upcoming YouTube video. Our software then learns about that search term and try to find as much information as possible regarding that title including:

  • The demographics of creators for similar titles
  • The demographics of the audience watching similar videos
  • Video traffic-over-time estimates

An algorithm is then run to find the best time zone for those demographics, the best day to upload the video and then works out an estimated day and time to upload your video to maximize views.

If some of this data isnít available (For example you havenít linked your YouTube channel), We might be able to provide you still a less valuable estimate.

We are always looking to upgrade and improve the Rapidtags Upload Planner for paying users, so if you have any ideas on how we can improve your experience, send us a direct message on Twitter!