What is Rapidtags?
Rapidtags is an interactive, YouTube tag generator and optimizer which generates tags to help increase the search ranking of your content by improving your YouTube tags allowing your videos to gain more publicity.
Why is Rapidtags better than other keyword tools?
Unlike a lot of keyword tools weíre completely based around YouTube (At the moment) and provide a lot more services which other keyword tools donít, these include:
  • A channel blacklist database to stop channel names appearing in the tags (against YouTube's TOS):
  • "If you make a video about baking a cake and your video is not at all related to a popular singer, you should not include that popular singerís name in your tags or description. Doing so may cause your video to be removed and given a strike if it is flagged." "All metadata should be representative of the content contained in your video."
  • A custom built word-processor to detect title breaks and consistencies allowing us to generate high traffic and low competition keywords for some titles based on information we get from the title and other relevant videos.
  • An easy to use user interface allowing the user to directly copy tags and paste them directly into the search box, save tags in the user session, easily edit tags, filter tags via multiple options and view reports on certain tags.
  • There are no advertisements or premium features meaning you get the best service completely free
What does Rapidtags do for me?
Rapidtags helps you quickly and efficiently generate relevant tags for your video based on what the title youíre using is.
What languages does Rapidtags currently support?
Rapidtags uses YouTubeís language auto-detect feature to allow us to automatically detect the language youíre using, this isnít perfect so we also allow users to manually select the language they want to filter in. We currently support 7 languages through manual selection, these include:
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • German
  • Dutch
How do I contact Rapidtags?
You can visit our Contact page where you can find a support email and a business email, alongside the Rapidtags social media.
Why have my saved tags disappeared on Rapidtags?
Your saved tags may have disappeared for numerous reasons.
  • Youíre using a different PC or browser
  • Youíve recently cleaned your history, cookies and cache. We store tags in the user's session which saves the user having to create an account, when you clear this it will wipe your saved tags.
  • When you first visited our site you were using incognito mode or a non-cookie supporting browser.
Why do graphs not show for me on the Rapidtags Analyzer?
The graphs will not appear for one of two reasons: You have Javascript disabled/Google trends blocked or you've reached your daily quota limit. This unfortunately is set by Google and while we are trying to do everything we can to bypass it (Like storing one persons Google trends data results for another persons use) our system isn't perfect yet!