How to Use the Rapidtags Description Analyzer

Rapidtags, YouTube
8th July 2018

The Rapidtags Description Analyzer is one of our most ambitious tools to date. By entering a YouTube video URL, Rapidtags will analyze the description for good and bad search engine optimization techniques. Providing you will information on what you have done well and how you can improve. Eventually, we will allow editing within the tool so you can make additions as and when you see them.

How to use:

To use the Rapidtags Description Analyzer, enter a YouTube video URL into the search input and submit. Rapidtags will then quickly analyze that video’s description, looking for any signs of positive and negative SEO techniques. This is showcased by highlighting the affected using the traffic light method, where green represents good, red represents bad, and amber is mediocre. Every highlight is combined with a tooltip with information on how to improve your video SEO.

We have many ideas on how we can improve the Rapidtags Description Analyzer; however we are always looking to upgrade and enhance the tool for paying users, so if you have any ideas on how we can improve your experience, send us a direct message on Twitter!