How to Use the Rapidtags Campaigns

Rapidtags, YouTube
8th July 2018

Rapidtags offers a campaigns tool allowing you to create and track dynamic campaigns across YouTube. A campaign is a feature which allows you to update your 50 most recent YouTube videos.

Reasons for mass updating could be:

  • Adding a sponsorship or referral link
  • Adding a call-to-action to newer videos or telling users to subscribe
  • Adding Additional text or information about your channel
  • Adding a link to your latest merchandise

How to use:

Visit the campaigns section on the Rapidtags website and create a campaign. Youíre able to select the positioning of the campaign and which paragraph it takes up on your video. After youíve created the text for your campaign, you can then preview all the videos thatíll be affected with the new description.

Start the campaign, and over the next few minutes, Your videos will get updated with your new campaign. You can cancel and restore your old videos by stopping the campaign. Users can also track their campaign impressions after their campaign has ended.

You can also use your autolinks in these campaigns which then allows you to track the click-through rate of your campaign. We are soon adding a feature to automatically convert your description links and track click-through rates over the upcoming weeks along with adding additional features to improve the user interface by creating a more pleasurable and manageable experience.